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Welcome to Elisabeth Rechsteiner, Notary Public in the Metrotown area of Burnaby. We are here to help you with what matters. Elisabeth has been a proud member of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia for the past 19 years. Notaries are legal professionals who are commissioned for life and have been recognized over the years for their integrity, honesty and “tradition of trust”.

Elisabeth Rechsteiner Notary Public Burnaby

At Elisabeth Rechsteiner, Notary Public, together with our experienced and dedicated staff, we are highly trained to offer you an array of specialized legal services in a friendly and personalized way. We care about our clients, are passionate about our work and strive to have our clients leave our office with peace of mind and the results they were looking for, all for a fair and reasonable price.

As British Columbia Notaries, our scope of legal practice pertains to real estate matters, estate planning and notarizations. Our office can assist you with your property transactions, preparation of your Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements and Advance Directives… and notarization of a wide variety of declarations, affidavits and authorizations. We also offer our services as Executor in special situations. (See “services” for details of our practice areas)

Why Elisabeth Rechsteiner Notary?

 Making people comfortable with life’s big decisions.

  • Experienced: Our Notary office has been in the same location for over 45 years.  Elisabeth has been the owner and Notary Public for the past 18 years and our dedicated staff members have been working with her for the past 13 years.
  • Welcoming: One of us always answers the phone … not a machine!  And if you happen to drop in and have some questions, we always try to assist you right away.
  • Helpful:  We truly enjoy helping people with what matters and make you feel comfortable with the legal work involved in life’s big decisions.
  • Customized Solutions: All our clients and their various transactions are unique, so we customize our work to fit your needs.
  • Clarity & Stress Free: We give you peace of mind and leave you feeling confident that our work has been properly carried out.
  • Passionate: We love our work and are passionate about educating our clients so they fully understand what is important to know and do when completing real estate transactions or estate planning matters.
  • Support: We spend the time to allow you to evaluate your options to make sure you are making the right decisions.
  • Building Strong Relationships: After the work is done, we are happy to answer any questions that may come up at a later time….even a year later!
  • Languages offered:  English, German and Swiss-German speaking services.
  • Flexible hours: We offer after hours appointments, and hospital or home visits, if required.




We understand that buying your first home… or selling the home you have lived in for many years… can be overwhelming and stressful. Our office will liaise with you, your realtor, your financial institution and the other legal office to ensure that the process is as effortless and enjoyable for you as possible. We will guide you through the various steps, ensure that you understand all the documents you are signing and continue to be here for you should you have a question or concern long after the transaction has been completed.

Real Estate Transactions


When it comes to Estate Planning, we find that many people are hesitant and for various reasons have been putting off dealing with the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney for many years. We will obtain all the necessary information from you to ensure that the documents we prepare are tailored specifically to your needs and that you are comfortable with the decisions you have made. When all documents have been signed and sealed, we find that our clients leave our office with a “big load lifted off their shoulders”.

Estate Planning


As Notaries, we are asked to notarize or certify a great variety of documents for British Columbia, Canada and countries around the world. After being executed and notarized, foreign documents will often require an “Apostille” and will need to be authenticated and/or legalized. This is not a process that we can do in our office, but we will guide you to the appropriate authorities who can complete such authentication and/or legalization.




Although the scope of practice of a Notary Public in British Columbia does not include assisting you with the application for Letters Probate, we are able to assist you with many matters relating to the estate of your loved one. We are able to deal with the transfer of the jointly held real estate, conducting a wills search, signing indemnity documents required by financial institutions and ICBC, and referring you on to a lawyer who specializes in estate matters.

From time to time we assist clients who do not have a close family member or friend that they would be comfortable with as their Executor. In some of these special circumstances, Elisabeth Rechsteiner will offer her services to act as the Executor appointed in your Last Will and Testament.



As Notaries we are often thought of as your neighbourhood legal advisor and “go to” person. At Elisabeth Rechsteiner, Notary Public, clients contact us with all sorts of questions regarding various legal matters. We always do our best to answer inquiries and assist you, but we often find that it is necessary to refer you to another professional or government office. We are happy to refer you on to a fellow notary, a lawyer, an accountant or another professional in circumstances where the matter is beyond our expertise and/or specialized area of legal practice.

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